Jackson Pathfinders Meeting Minutes

Municipal Building January 21, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by Ken Beyer- Chairman.

Attendance: Gayle Baum, Mike Baum, Dan Green, Shari Kondrup, Manny Lindenbaum, Barbara Usack, Bill Dudley, Laura Stone, Tom Stevens, Pat Stevens

The minutes of the December meeting were approved with changes.

Treasurer's report: Karen Walzer: No report.

Corresponding Secretary / Membership: Dan Green: Dan sent out a reminder notice for the monthly meeting.

Website & Facebook: Ken Beyer and Barbara Usack: Ken Beyer, the Pathfinders webmaster, is continuing the ongoing work of upgrading the website. Barbara Usack reported the Facebook page has 117 likes.

Forest Resource Education Center (FREC): Rick Dutko: The winter Full Moon Hike on 1/22/16 has been cancelled due to an impending snowstorm. The Backyard Forestry program continues on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm, registration is through the NJ Forestry Assoc. In addition, there are Saturday programs on the second Saturday of the month.

Bluebird Report: Laura Stone: Laura will be doing a bluebird talk for the March Backyard Forestry meeting at the FREC. It is on March tenth at 7pm.

Grants: Karen Walzer, and Tom Stevens: Tom Stevens asked if anyone had any ideas for a project we could submit to the Jackson Environmental Commission for possible grant money. He said there is an ANJAC grant for $1500 available according to Karen Walzer.

Bunker Hill Bogs: The sign at the entrance is in need of reinforcing. A committee was formed to discuss trail signs, Dan Green, Shari Kondrup, Mike and Gayle Baum will be on the committee. They will present a report at the February meeting.

NJCF Silver Stream Trail: Ken Beyer removed the downed trees from the trail. Eric Beyer and Brian Scheno replaced boards on the boardwalk. The chicken wire on the arch bridge needs to be completed. Thank you to Dan Green for the new trash can for the trail. A discussion was held about the merits of removing the trash cans, but it was decided there has been less cans and bottles in the woods since the trash cans have been placed. The trail will need to be widened by the three bridges and there are still some wet areas. Dan is going to reach out to Bill Scullion about improvements to the parking lot and barriers to prevent quad traffic. He is also going to inquire about access to their cartographer.

Steve Kitay Living Trail: Dan and Ruth Green replaced the downed trail markers. Dan is going to reach out to the Kitay family to offer a guided tour of the trail.

Monthly Hikes: A schedule has been drawn up for monthly hikes. They will be the first weekend after our monthly meeting. They will be on alternating Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There will be a registration required for each hike and they will be listed on the website. The first hike will be on 2/20/16 at 10am at the Vista Center property. Heavy rain or snow cancels the hike.

New Business: A special birthday celebration was held for Laura Stone (80) and Dan Green (75) to wish them health and happiness.

Laura Stone spoke with Chris Claus. He is planning a bluebird trail on the property owned by the Ocean County Land Trust. Laura and Shari will be working with him on the trail. Dan is going to reach out to him to offer help. Tom suggested inquiring if the lands connect to the FREC property.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM Minutes submitted by Pat Stevens