Jackson Pathfinders Meeting Minutes

Municipal Building September 17, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by Ken Beyer- Chairman.

Attendance: Gayle Baum, Mike Baum, Dan Green, Shari Kondrup, Artie Rosky, Rick Dutko (fill in recording secretary)

The minutes of the August meeting will need to be approved at the October meeting as it was not available for review.

Treasurer's report: Karen Walzer: Provided info in advance. Have spent $143, balance is $356. Try to complete purchases by end of October. Idea of using for a portable 3-panel presentation board was well received.

Corresponding Secretary / Membership: Dan Green: Dan sent out a reminder notice for the monthly meeting. 160 recipients on email list, hasn't changed much. Leadership mailing list for Pathfinders@casano.com – limitations are no attachments, max 30MB, HTML can get squashed. Discussion about using other email (yahoo, gmail) if we can avoid those limitations.

Website & Facebook: Ken Beyer and Barbara Usack: Ken Beyer, the Pathfinders webmaster, is continuing the work of upgrading the website. Front home page with recent events has been replaced by static About Us, Who We Are, Operating Structure content. Links for those removed and other info moved to Past Events page.

Forest Resource Education Center (FREC): Rick Dutko: The FREC will be having the Fall Forestry Festival on October 3rd. Pathfinders will be setup near picnic area, near their kiosk. Rick will let Tom/Pat know.

Bluebird Report: Laura Stone: No report.

Bunker Hill Bogs: Artie met with Jackson Police and Fred from Public Works. Suggested work be done such as tire bumpers / logs to protect the fences so cars don't bump into fences. Public Works too busy right now with Jackson Day to clean up dumped materials at East Bog Loop, but can assist in Oct.

NJCF Silver Stream Trail: Boardwalks/spans in desperate need of repair and dangerous to public. Tree down at cedar grove should be cut to clear path. Date of Oct 16 9AM to meet with Bill Scullion (NJCF) to see if alternate routes not so wet can be established. Bill also said NJCF has a professional cartographer who will be available for trail maps, etc. and that they may be able to print several “You are here” maps. Art mentioned the emblems are easily removed. Suggested they should be recessed and glued. The request to NJCF to construct a further trail along the Metedeconk Island to the bank near the overlook was approved by NJCF, and Bill gave permission to Pathfinders to do “whatever you want” on that area of land (the island). Dan would like to stake out trail soon, and Ken believes it will be a 2 day job to bushwack to the island and the trail extension. Dan and Mike said the overgrowth hasn't been that bad this year. Need to schedule the wood repairs.

Steve Kitay Living Trail: Fall trimming will be done after wood repairs are made to Silver Stream.

New Business: Shari and/or Ken to measure what is needed for repair at Silver Stream by Sep 27th and give info to Artie so he can pre-cut boards. They are approximately 3' wide. Sunday Oct 4th 9AM will be day to cart wood back to Silver Stream by where wood is damaged at East Boardwalk. Ken to contact Joe Pepe to see if he can assist with Quads to haul wood back. Artie can provide a trailer to attach to quads. Haul away what we can at that time. Sunday Oct 11th 9AM will be workday to reconstruct damaged boardwalks/spans. Ken may try to see if Home Depot can donate any materials (nails, screws, fence posts, etc).

Probably 5 trips with a trailer to haul wood back. 2”x6” planks preferred though Art may have larger. This is okay. Art has 4x4 or 6x6 posts and post hole digger and fence hammer/tool.

Art Mentioned Tax ID # for Pathfinders to get donated materials from Home Depot / Lowes. Ken mentioned we have one and this has been done in the past.

Next meeting we will set work dates for other projects, such as fall trimming.

Dan mentioned 2 trail maps on website at Colliers Mills (Success Rd) and Butterfly Bogs going to Johnson park may show outdated trails and should be explored or possibly removed from maps, but consensus was to leave them there so they don't get lost as future possible trails.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM Minutes submitted by Ken Beyer