Jackson Pathfinders Meeting Minutes

Municipal Building August 20, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by Ken Beyer- Chairman.

Attendance: Gayle Baum, Mike Baum, Dan Green, Shari Kondrup, Ken Beyer, Karen Walzer, Art Rosky, Barbara Usack, Tom Stevens, Pat Stevens

The minutes of the July meeting were approved with changes.

Treasurer's report: Karen Walzer: The request for spending for prizes has been submitted.

Corresponding Secretary / Membership: Dan Green: Dan sent out a reminder notice for the monthly meeting.

Website & Facebook: Ken Beyer and Barbara Usack: Ken Beyer, the Pathfinders webmaster, is continuing the work of upgrading the website. Barbara Usack reported the Facebook page has 106 likes.

Forest Resource Education Center (FREC): Rick Dutko: The FREC has new brochures. The Full Moon Hike will be on 8/28. The Backyard Forestry program continues on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm, registration is through the NJ Forestry Assoc. In addition, there are Saturday programs on the second Saturday of the month. They will be having family programs on Thursday mornings in July and August. The Fall Forestry Day is scheduled for 10/3. Tom Stevens said the Pathfinders will participate with a game and information table.

Bluebird Report: Laura Stone: No report.

Grants: Karen Walzer, Tony Santa Maria, and Tom Stevens: No report

Bunker Hill Bogs: The cleanup day was a success. A new participant Joe Pepe has volunteered the use of his ATV's to help clear the trash from the back of the trail. Dan Green has charted the distances on the trail using Google maps. He is proposing 1/2 page signs at the intersections. It was proposed a map at the T may be helpful for hikers. Dan will send a copy and map to the members for comment. There needs to be a decision between satellite maps or schematic maps. Ken Beyer trimmed around the front bench and the overlook. It will need another trimming and more pamphlets. The Plexiglas has been broken on the main map.

NJCF Silver Stream Trail: Dan Green, Shari Kondrup, Gayle and Mike Baum are going the mark the trail. Dan has 120 markers and 25 arrows. The brush has been cleared to make the parking lot more visible from the road. Dan has generously donated a garbage can to the parking lot.

Steve Kitay Living Trail: No report

New Business: We will need a schedule of volunteers for the Outdoor Expo. Ken Beyer will set-up the Pathfinders table on Saturday. Please e mail Ken if you are available.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM Minutes submitted by Pat Stevens