Jackson Pathfinders Meeting Minutes

Municipal Building July 16, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by Ken Beyer- Chairman.

Attendance: Gayle Baum, Mike Baum, Dan Green, Shari Kondrup, Ken Beyer, Karen Walzer, Tom Stevens, Pat Stevens

The minutes of the June meeting were approved with changes.

Treasurer's report: Karen Walzer: The new budget is $500.00. Tom Stevens proposed spending up to $100.00 for new prizes. It was approved by unanimous vote.

Corresponding Secretary / Membership: Dan Green: Dan sent out a reminder notice for the monthly meeting.

Website & Facebook: Ken Beyer and Barbara Usack: Ken Beyer, the Pathfinders webmaster, is continuing the work of upgrading the website. Barbara reported the Facebook page has 97 likes.

 Forest Resource Education Center (FREC): Rick Dutko: The FREC has new brochures. The Full Moon Hike will be on 8/28. The Backyard Forestry program continues on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm, registration is through the NJ Forestry Assoc. In addition, there are Saturday programs on the second Saturday of the month. They will be having family programs on Thursday mornings in July and August.

Bluebird Report: Laura Stone: Shari Kondrup reported one nest was lost to predators and the rest are about to fledge. Shari is monitoring the nests while Laura Stone is away.

Grants: Karen Walzer, Tony Santa Maria, and Tom Stevens: No report

Bunker Hill Bogs: Dan has changed to the Google maps to aid inexperienced hikers on the Purple Heart Trail. He changed the colors on the trails. He would like to re-open the connection between the NE Branch and the E. Bog Loop. A trail walk will be held on 8/16 at 9am to explore the trailheads and the possibility of mounting a box to hold trail maps

NJCF Silver Stream Trail: Dan Green, Tom Stevens, and Bill Dudley walked the trail with Bill Scullion from the NJCF. Dan requested and is to receive 120 trail markers from the NJCF. Bill Scullion stated he is coming in with heavy equipment to improve the parking lot and to clear the shrubbery from the road. This will make the parking lot more visible from the road. A clarification on the NJCF hunting rules was requested by Tom. Bill stated only bow hunting is allowed and currently only two people have permission to hunt. A request was made for the names of the approved hunters to be sent to the Pathfinders. Tree stands are allowed but they must be removed at the end of the season and be at least 150 feet from the trail. Bill took the name of a hunter off the existing tree stand and will have their hunting liaison contact the hunter. He said he will e mail Dan a complete set of the regulations. Bill Scullion stated that the NJCF has no problem with new trails on the property, however all improvements need to be submitted to them in writing. Their biologist needs to investigate the area for endangered species before they will give their approval. Tom asked about the proposed stewardship agreement that NJCF had wanted. Bill said it has been postponed indefinitely. A proposal was made to have a trashcan placed at the entrance chained to the bench.

Steve Kitay Living Trail: No report

New Business: No new business

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM Minutes submitted by Pat Stevens