April 16, 2015

Present: Ken Beyer, Chairman; Dan Green; Laura Stone, temporary secretary; Michael and Gayle Baum; Bill and Zhao Dudley; Karen Walzer; Shari Kondrup; Rick Dutko.

Purple Heart Trail cleanup was done near the northeast trailhead by Ken Beyer, Dan Green, Michael and Gayle Baum and Barbara Usack. Jerry Eckhoff did a cleanup independently at the same time because he could not find the others. Cleanup included trimming of branches and catbrier along the East Cranberry Bog perimeter trail and carting out of some of the debris which was found. That perimeter trail still has two large old dumps, which have 3 or 4 large tires embedded in a bog, as well as bottles, broken dishes and china, auto parts and more. Near the northwest corner of the East Cranberry Bog there is a fallen birch tree blocking the trail; that will require a chain saw to remove. A deerhunting blind was found along the East Cranberry Bog. It needs a “SAFETY ZONE/ NO HUNTING” sign; Ken Beyer said he would manage this.

Dan Green and Bill & Zhao Dudley completed the revision of trail markers along the Steve Kitay Living Trail. That trail now has all green marker signs as well as turn arrows wherever needed.

Silver Stream Trail: The entrance kiosk needs replacement flyers, posters and lamination. The Geocache Bridge has some rotted boards and is in need of repairs. The East Boardwalk needs major repairs, and the adjacent stairway needs a railing installed. Ken Beyer will contact the Boy Scouts re: these tasks. Dan Green did a survey of trail markers on the Silver Stream Trail. He will request replacement markers from the NJ Conservation Foundation. About 150 markers will be needed, as well as arrows for sharp turns in the trail.

Saturday, May 16 is now scheduled for trailwork on Silver Stream and Kitay Trails.

National Trails Day will be Saturday, June 6. Everyone will meet at 10 AM at the FREC for a 15-minute talk and walk led by Genette Day and Candace Lillie. Then all will be asked to continue on either the Silver Stream Trail or the Purple Heart Trail. As always, the Jackson Pathfinders will go along to assist the FREC naturalists.

Laura Stone, recorder