Jackson Pathfinders Meeting Minutes

Municipal Building March 19, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by Ken Beyer - Chairman.

Attendance: Ken Beyer, Gayle Baum, Mike Baum, Dan Green, Karen Walzer, Shari Kondrup, Bill Dudley, Zhao Dudley, Laura Stone, Barbara Usack, Adam Newton, Pat Stevens and Tom Stevens

The minutes of the February meeting were approved with changes.

Treasurer's report: Karen Walzer: Karen reported that the Pathfinders we were included in the upcoming budget for $500. The same amount as last year. Although not yet officially approved, spending requests may be submitted.

Corresponding Secretary / Membership: Dan Green: Dan sent out a reminder notice for the monthly meeting.

Website & Facebook: Ken Beyer, Bill Dudley, and Barbara Usack: Ken, the Pathfinders webmaster, is continuing the work of upgrading the website. Bill has been adding the meeting minutes and is up to date with all available minutes. Barbara reported that we have 81 likes on Face book. She has been adding upcoming activity information.

 Forest Resource Education Center (FREC): Rick Dutko: Rick sent an email to the Pathfinders about partnering together in an application for a grant from the National Recreational Trails Grant Program. The deadline is very near on April 30, 2015. Tom Stevens said that the time frame was too short since the application would need to be approved and submitted by Jackson Township.

Blue Bird Report: Laura Stone: Laura has started to clean out the nesting boxes. She has been going out two times a week. Some of the boxes are inhabited but the birds appear to be dying, possibly because of the unseasonably cold weather.

Grants: Karen Walzer and Tom Stevens: No report

Bunker Hill Bogs/Purple Heart Trail: Dan Green reported that the road sign for the trail on East Veterans Road has been damaged, presumably by a snow plow. Ken Beyer said he will contact Public Works about getting it repaired. Dan suggested finding out if the east bound sign can be relocated when the west bound sign is being fixed. A trail clean up day is scheduled for 4/12 at 9am to remove trash toward the back of the trail.

NJCF Silver Stream Trail: Ken Beyer and Adam Newton have walked the trail and stated that the trail is very wet. Adam reported that the boardwalk by the stairs is in bad shape and will need repairs. Tom Stevens mentioned that the wood for the repairs has already been purchased. Ken said that maybe we can get the work done through a boy scout project. A trail clean up day is scheduled for 5/16 at 9am.

Steve Kitay Living Trail: The trail has multiple color markers which may be confusing, it needs to be remarked in the spring. Dan Green and Bill Dudley have together volunteered to paint new markers.

New Business: National Trails Day will be celebrated by the Pathfinders on Saturday, 6/6. A discussion was held about options to have multiple hikes on Township trails or trails at the FREC. No decision was made. The rain date is for 6/7. The Ocean County Parks Department is having a van trip to the Purple Heart Trail on 6/20.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM Minutes submitted by Pat Stevens